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Kevin Young. Breviary. 2009. Images by Ladislav Hanka. (4.25" x 11") 100 copies printed from Perpetua types on dampened Somerset paper. The project was funded in part by a grant from the Southeast Minnesota Arts Council. Sewn textblock wrapped in a handmade flax paper case. Non adhesive. $130
James Boyd White. Thirteen Poems and One Refrain. 2006. Images by C. Mikal Oness (7" x 12.1/4") 150 copies set from Bembo types and printed on dampened mangni paper. Casebound with paperbacked tiger-eye fabric. Assisted by previous Maple House Fellows Zachary Carlsen and Allison Quam. These terrific lyric poems by the infrequently heard from James Boyd White comprise the last project before a long hiatus at the press. Only half of the edition was fully bound given mysterious problems at the bindery. Few copies are still available $190.
Peter Everwine. What a Word Dreamt: Versions of Aztec Poetry. 84 pp. (7.5" x 13.5") 136 copies of this book are printed from 14 and 16 point Bembo types. A 24 point Blado header and footer of some of the original Nahuatl text run through the book in red. The paper is Magnani, an Italian mould-made paper. The binding, especially designed by C. Mikal Oness and Julia Leonard, was executed by Julia Leonard in Iowa City. $460.
Delmira Agustini. A Flock of Scarlet Doves. translated by Valerie Martinez. 2005 (8 7/8" x 5 7/8") 150 copies of this book were set up by hand and printed from Joanna types on Iyo Glazed, a Japanese, hand-made paper. The book is bound between cloth-covered boards, with a gilt spine, at Campbell Logan Bindery in Minneapolis, MN. Lino-cuts for the book were designed and printed by noted artist Adrián Tió, who is currently Director of the School of Art at Northern Illinois University. Valerie Martinez’s translations and critical introduction offer us the musicality and poetic importance of Agustini’s work. $230
Pamela McClure. Sweet Geometry. 2005 (5.75" x 8") 100 copies on Somereset paper, 20 copies on Nideggan and 20 copies on India Handmade. These 27 new poems by Pam are printed from Perpetua types on dampened Somerset paper and illustrated by Kim Van Someren, a notable new print-maker out of Seattle. The book was bound in boards at the Campbell-Logan Bindery using paste papers by Julie Leonard. $230
Mark Doty. Fire to Fire. 2004 (approximately 10" by 15") printed from 16 point Bembo types on dampened Somerset paper. Features six woodcuts in several colors—some color applied by hand with watercolor, others printed by separate blocks—by Lisa Schoenfielder. The binding was designed and executed by Julie Leonard in Iowa City. $420
Gary Young. No Harm Done. 2004 (8 7/8" x 5 7/8") Around 200 copies of this book were set-up by hand from Monotype Bembo and printed on dampened Iyo Glazed, a Japanese handmade paper. The book is bound by Julie Leonard with a chain stitch between boards covered in black and gray Japanese papers, the front cover printed with one of the dozen original woodcuts designed and cut by Mr. Young especially for the edition. $230
Philip Levine. Naming. 2004 (7¼" x 5") 200 copies printed from hand-set Bembo types on dampened hand-made India Bond paper with original calligraphic marks by Cheryl Jacobsen and bound between boards with a link-stitch by Julia Leonard. $230   52 copies of this book are printed on Nideggen paper; these are bound in full cloth. $230
Sebastian Matthews, ed. Provisions: Lost Prose by William Matthews. 2003 (5½"x 8½") 200 copies printed from hand-set Bembo types on dampened Somerset Book paper. Over 90 pages of short stories and prose poems by one of the most notable poets of our time. 10 original illustrations by Cris Cristofaro. $420
Elizabeth Oness. Fallibility. 2003 (5.5" x 9.25") 100 copies printed from Perpetua types on dampened Iyo Glazed Japanese handmade paper. Title page wood engraving by Ladislav Hanka. $90. Only 38 copies available.
Peter Everwine. Speaking of Accidents. 2003. (6.5" x 12")Handset Bembo types on dampened Somerset with original woodcuts by Gary Young. $230
The Book of Ruth: King James Version. Wood engravings by Ladislav Hanka. 2002. (4.75" x 7.25) Printed from Lutetia italic with Roman caps and small caps on dampened Somerset. Bound long-stitch into Handmade flax papercase covers from Cave paper. $420 Only available in sets.
Minnesota Book Awards, FinalistMaurya Simon. A Brief History of Punctuation. 2002. (8.5" x 14.5") Joanna types on dampened Somerset with images by Cheryl Jacobsen. Suminagashi Marbling by B.J. Naragon, Carol Kratz, and C. Mikal Oness. $850 Only available in sets. 1 leather bound copy (price on request).
Anthony Deaton. Rhumb Lines. 2002. (6.5" x 10")Bulmer types on Somerset paper in Marbled boards. $230
Herbert Scott. In the Palm of Space. 2001. (4.125" x 6.75") Sutton Hoo Select number three: Lutetia italic on a variety of papers, mainly Somerset, some handmade; in marbled covers. $230 15 copies left.
Philip Levine. Praise. 2001. (6.75" x 11.75") Joanna types on Somerset paper; paste papers by Lucy David on the front cover. $230
Betsy Wheeler & Jenny Sawle. 3 Poems; 3 Images. 2001. (18" x 16") Kennerly types on Somerset or Mohawk letterpress paper. Images by Jenny Sawle. $490 2 copies left.
Gary Young. The Body's Logic. 2000. (6.5" x 6.5") Bembo types on a variety of papers with a woodcut by Gary Young. $90 Out of print.
Marvin Bell. Sounds of the Resurrected Dead Man's Footsteps. 2000. (13.5" x 13.5") Lutetia types on somerset paper with an image by Lisa Schoenfielder. $230 9 copies left.
Charles Wright. North American Bear. 1999. (7" x 10"). Printed from Bembo types on dampened Johannot or Somerset papers with woodcuts by Gary Young. $420 2 proof copies left.
Pamela McClure. Blood Lily. 1999. (6.5" x 6.5") Printed from Bembo types on Johannot or Mohawk papers with images by P. Michael Hook of Kansas City. Bound in marbled wrappers at the press. $90
Anthony Butts. Evolution. 1998. Twenty folios. (5.75" x 10.3") Woodcuts by Thomas Huck. Printed from Cochin types on dampened Johannot. $190 Out of print.
Gerald Stern. Bread Without Sugar. 1991. (4" X 10.3") This long poem was Sutton Hoo Press' first book. Printed from Bembo types on Johannot. 30 were bound in Tim Barrett's handmade UICB PC4, signed and numbered (op). 38 newly bound in cloth. $130
J.N. Wu. Trans. Selections from the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic. 1992.(5.75" x 10.3") for The Press in the Trees. Printed by Sutton Hoo Press from Dante types on Johannot; bound by Larry Yerkes. Dr.Fang's calligraphic characters from the original text are printed on verso pages. $150
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