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James Boyd White
Thirteen Poems and One Refrain

James Boyd White's Thirteen Poems
Thirteen Poems detail
Spine detail, Thirteen Poems and One Refrain, James Boyd White.
James Boyd White. Thirteen Poems and One Refrain. 2006. Images by C. Mikal Oness (7" x 12.1/4") 150 copies set from Bembo types and printed on dampened mangni paper. Casebound with paperbacked tiger-eye fabric. Assisted by previous Maple House Fellows Zachary Carlsen and Allison Quam. These terrific lyric poems by the infrequently heard from James Boyd White comprise the last project before a long hiatus at the press. Only half of the edition was fully bound given mysterious problems at the bindery. Few copies are still available $190.
Thirteen Poems colophon
Colophon, Thirteen Poems and One Refrain, James Boyd White.
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