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Sebastian Matthews, ed.
Provisions: Lost Prose by William Matthews

Photo: Robert Stuber

Thanksgiving 2003

Provisions: Lost Prose by William Matthews is edited by Sebastian Matthews, the author's son, and contains ten original (two-color) images done especially for the book by Cris Cristofaro. 200 copies were set-up and printed by hand from Bembo types on dampened Somerset paper by C. Mikal Oness with help from Allison Quam, Valerie Claeys, and Zachary Carlsen. The full cloth binding was designed and executed by Julie Leonard of Iowa City. 10 copies remain unbound at the press.
We are very excited about Provisions for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its literary importance. Bill Matthews, one of our most important contemporary poets, left behind a large archive containing numerous prose poems and short stories. Matthews included only one prose poem in any of the dozen or so books published during his lifetime, and since the prose material is so compelling, his son Sebastian and I decided to bring out a small collection of these important pieces of his archive. After planning the project and beginning production, Sebastian found even more work that rivaled our original selections in quality, so we added to the book! We finally settled on eight short stories and fourteen prose poems. Provisions is a terrific read, and important for future scholars working on Matthews. I am pleased that readers interested in Matthews' work will be able to find this material in numerous libraries around the country that collect Sutton Hoo Press titles. Scholars will be able to consult our book and prepare theses and grants before traveling to Indiana where the whole archive is now housed. I feel great satisfaction that Sutton Hoo Press has been able to make an important contribution to the Literary Fine Press movement in this age, bringing to light and making accessible texts that trade presses cannot or will not afford to publish.
Photo: Robert Stuber
"Duets" from Provisions: Lost Prose by William Matthews
Photo: Robert Stuber
Colophon from Provisions: Lost Prose by William Matthews
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